Shipping is available by Sea or Air.

Air Transportation is the fastest and most expensive way to transport goods. Rates are charged per kg and are calculated based on weight (volumetric weight).

Sea Transportation is the most economical means of transportation of goods. There are two main ways to send goods via shipping
We can arrange all your shipping needs from FCL (Full Container Loads) to LCL (Loose Cargo Loads). The average delivery time to Australia, for example, is approximately four weeks, while deliveries to America and Europe are four to six weeks. It all depends on the regularity and availability of shipping lines.

We have been working with Cargo companies in Bali now for over 20 years. They are tried and trusted and are important partners for our company. Insurance is available with your shipment for an additional 3% of the value of the cargo if you need it. Of course, if you have your own cargo, we will be happy to work with them to deliver your goods.

All documentation for Indonesian clearing is prepared with cargo and all appropriate Certificates of Origin and Fumigation are prepared and shipped prior to arrival to your destination via DHL. A clearly labeled box numbered packing list with a breakdown of what’s in the box is shipped ahead so you can open it easily.

How much are the shipping costs?

The packing and shipping quote that you provide at the start of the order process. Separate quotation of pickup, packing, and sea freight is always provided to you.

How do I know my item won't be damaged?

FCL or Full Container Load shipping is always the safest way to transport your goods. All items are securely wrapped in cardboard sheet packing material. The finer items are put in boxes and then packed into wooden crates. We use polystyrene sheets and foam when needed to ensure all trips go well. We rarely have problems with glass or stone breakers. In addition, the humidity dryer is hung on the container to absorb as much moisture as possible during the trip.