Sourcing & Buying

We assist a retail or wholesale client who wants to source or buy (online/offline) any products from Bali (or anywhere else in Indonesia). Such as Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Home/Garden Decoration (Accessories & Homewares, Lighting, Soft Furnishing, Water Feature, Pots), Building Materials (Tile, Paving, Window, Door), and many others.

How To Order & Payment Terms

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Contact Us

Tell us your criteria and requirements. After all, we will send you the pictures via email or WhatsApp.

(After we send you pictures, please choose which one you like. And then we will make a quotation and size)

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Make a Deal

After you feel confident with your stuff then we have to deal with the price, shipping cost, packaging, etc.

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Down Payment

You have to pay a 50% deposit from the total bill. Then we will process everything that needs to be done. We will send you a pic or videos to make you feel confident with your stuff. After that, you have to pay the rest of the invoice and pay the shipping cost and agent fee.

(Our fee is based on the total Invoice. This fee is for placement of orders, monitoring productions, reporting on progress, and most importantly, conducting full CQC inspections upon completion of orders.)

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Once again we will make sure your stuff is in good condition and then we will organize the shipment to your country.